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Rafa's Virtual Open House Christmas Eve Chat



This chat was conducted via Zoom on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST. My guest include Peter Sereno from the Pageant Institute.

0:46 - Greetings!
1:53 - Peter Sereno joins in
3:12 - It's already Christmas in Australia
3:27 - Omicron
4:32 - Peter is celebrating Christmas alone with his two dogs
5:07 - Rafa and dog food
5:59 - It's snowing in Massachusetts where it is 9:00 AM and 1:00 AM Christmas day in Australia; Rafa reads comments from viewers
7:44 - Rafa and Peter imitate Summer Smith of Crown Sisters
9:00 - Rafa invites viewers to ask questions
9:47 - Rafa reminisces about his childhood Christmas experience in the Philippines, his favorite toys
11:43 - Rafa was horrible as a child
14:00 - Peter's father took him to a shooting range
15:20 - Peter's cricket bat
15:44 - Barbie dolls, GI Joes, toy soldiers
17:33 - Peter's younger sister came along and he used her as his living Barbie
19:34 - Rafa's family
21:19 - Rafa reads comments from viewers
22:36 - Bianca Tirsin is Miss Charm Romania 2022, why she didn't make the cut in Miss Universe 2020
25:21 - Natasha Joubert, Miss Universe South Africa 2020
26:56 - What exactly is Miss Charm International?
29:00 - Rafa reads comments from viewers. Is Michelle Marie Colon the new Miss Grand Puerto Rico?
31:06 - Peter asks Rafa if pageants are political
32:03 - Rafa defends Miss Earth's virtual pageants, pros and cons of virtual pageants
33:35 - Miss America versus Miss USA
35:52 - Peter wonders about these pageants who only have female judges. Where are the gay men?
37:39 - The Bahamas finally makes the cut in Miss Universe. Rafa thinks that the Bahamas should keep the momentum going.
38:38 - Pageants have a lot of benefits for young women; Rafa suggests to "kidnap" beautiful women and "brainwash" her. Peter disapproves lol
39:58 - Pageant fan Ruel comments, our analysis of MGI 2021 has the highest number of views so far
42:18 - Who is the most beautiful titleholder from 2021?
42:53 - Andrea Meza's short reign; her platform to stop gender-based violence and catcalls, promotes veganism
45:23 - Summer Smith texts Rafa saying she wants to join the chat
45:48 - Rafa asks the viewers their plans for Christmas
45:46 - What is the new Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu's advocacy?
47:58 - Comparing Miss Universe 2021 and Miss Supranational 2021
49:39 - Miss Grand International 2021 - what's up with her?
50:28 - Summer can't get in the chat room; she's getting error messages :(
51:19 - Peter's Christmas tree
51:55 - Rafa's Christmas mannequin tree, Nike the goddess of victory
53:44 - Peter hates Chinese Laundry shoes and the meaning behind gowns
54:26 - Rafa likes to hear the story behind a national costume
55:22 - Should the Philippines stop competing in MGI?
57:10 - MGI owner Nawat's idea of beauty
59:23 - Nawat is a very senstitive and emotional man
1:00:09 - Peter defends Nawat's sensitive nature
1:01:30 - Rafa's first impression of Nawat
1:02:33 - Rafa reads comments from viewers, Miss Supranational 2022
1:04:16 - Who runs Miss Charm International and what is its platform?
1:04:56 - How Peter and Rafa got first into pageantry
1:06:36 - Peter designed Dani Fitch's gown in MGI 2016
1:08:21 - The most amazing part of being a pageant coach
1:10:24 - Pageants before social media
1:11:22 - Shout-out to Luis Portelles. We love Luis!
1:14:16 - Shout-out to Ko Phanasa. We love Ko!
1:15:29 - Viewer Ruel asks, Why does Nawat hate Miss Earth?
1:17:33 - What does Rafa think of Mister Grand International?
1:19:45 - Why did Thailand resign as Miss Interglobal 2021?
1:21:15 - How did Rafa get connected with other pageant experts? Critical Beauty is 17 years old! Rafa plans to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but where?
1:22:48 - Shout-out to Vagisha Mishra of Pageants With Vagisha
1:23:25 - Luis Portells says Merry Christmas in the Chat Box
1:24:13 - Summer Smith says we should celebrate CB's 20th anniversary in a safe place, but Rafa prefers somewhere dangerous. Lol
1:25:44 - Miss Tourism International 2021 - virtual pageant
1:26:14 - Miss Earth USA 2022 to be held in Orlando, Florida on January 6-8
1:27:44 - Question from Luis Portelles - Which do we prefer? Virtual or physical pageant?
1:30:53 - What changes do we want to see in pageants in 2022?
1:31:52 - Nawat wants to surpass Miss Universe
1:32:46 - Pageants of the Universe - a vlog about behind the scenes of pageants
1:34:10 - Miss Universe top 16 this year was very diverse. When was the last time MU crowned a blond, blue--eyed girl?
1:36:02 - Australia's pageant problem
1:37:40 - Our perception of beauty is changing every day
1:38:48 - Question from Ruel - Do you have a wishlist for girls to join Miss Universe Philippines 2022?
1:42:28 - Kisses Delavin - should she compete again?
1:43:56 - Victoria Velasquez Vincent - who rejected the offer of Miss Universe New Zealand 2021
1:44:41 - Jazmin Umali
1:45:22 - Emma Tiglao
1:45:49 - Great Britain was the only blonde who made Top 16 in Miss Universe 2021
1:48:29 - Miss Galaxy
1:48:58 - Rafa was asked his opinion of India in Miss Earth
1:50:16 - A fan says that a "mestiza" will win MU Philippines 2022
1:52:00 - Luis Portelles wants to increase the age limit to 30 so Katrina Dimaranan can compete again. Why the judges picked Beatrice over Katrina.
1:55:53 - Is Miss Intercontinental a grand slam pageant?
1:57:03 - MU 2021 was a night for India and the Philippines; Filipino designers are the most-sought after.
1:59:40 - Designer Michael Cinco
2:00:38 - When will Venezuela reach the top in Miss Universe again? Are Miss Venezuela contestants/titleholders being pimped as prostitutes?
2:02:50 - Did you expect Beatrice Luigi Gomez to make the top 5?
2:04:23 - Summer comments that British accent sounds prestigious to Americans. Peter and Rafa imitate a British accent
2:05:24 - Rafa asks Peter if he eats vegemite sandwich
2:06;32 - Skelly Ivy Florida - a stunning half-Filipino half-Black whom Rafa and Peter want to see compete again in MU Philippines
2:06:52 - A viewer asked, "What is a dream gown that you would like to see on MU stage?"
2:11:44 - Francis Libiran designed Beatrice Luigi Gomez's gowns
2:12:20 - Miss Grand Hong Kong unfollowed Nawat - is she the most memorable pageant personality of 2021?
2:13:55 - Miss Grand Indonesia unfollowed MGI
2:14:18 - A viewer asked, "What improvements do you want to see in pageantry in 2022?"
2:18:40 - A viewer asked, "When can we have Alexander Gonzalez on your show?"
2:19:27 - A viewer asked, "If you can come back in history and crown a first runner-up, who would it be?"
2:22:58 - Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995
2:23:17 - Summer comments "In my blue gown review, Russia was my Margie Moran."
2:23:46 - Kyrgyzstan's gown in MU 2018
2:24:07 - A viewer asked, "Do you like transformation gowns?"
2:25:09 - A viewer asked, "If all Miss Universe winners were to compee with each other, who would win?"
2:27:10 - A viewer asked, "Which contestants were the heavy favorites and did not make the semifinals?"
2:28:11 - A viewer asked, "Which do you prefer? MUO under IMG or under Trump?"
2:28:58 - Merry Christmas wishes to our viewers

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