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Getting to Know Miss World Denmark 2013 Malene Riis Sørensen


Malene Riis Sørensen (20, 5'11", Jylland) was crowned Miss World Denmark 2013 during the Miss World Denmark 2013 National Final held on August 3rd, 2013 at First Hotel Copenhagen. Malene also won "Miss Popularity" award at Miss World Denmark 2013 Final. She is a journalism and psychology student and currently works as a model. She will represent Denmark at the Miss World 2013 pageant in Indonesia on September 28. Critical Beauty is grateful to Malene and to her national director, Lisa Lents, for allowing this e-mail interview.

What was going through your mind after you were judged as the winner?

     I was extremely happy and tried to enjoyed the moment, because it’s a once in a life chance experience! I felt very lucky, honored and surprised! It was a big chow in Denmark this year and it was an amazing feeling winning in front of a huge crown including celebs, press, former beauty queens, friends & family!

In your bio, you mentioned that you study journalism and psychology. What is so fascinating about these two fields of study?

     Journalism has always been fascinating to me and it gives me  so many opportunities to express myself. I would like to be a journalist for a women’s magazine where I can write about women, beauty, clothes, exercise and food. I have studied psychology for around three years. I think it’s very interesting to study the human’s mentality and psyche that is why I would like to continue studying psychology. 

What three adjectives would your friends use to describe you?

     They would describe me as a loving, intelligent and independent person.

What is your best quality? Your worst quality?

     My best quality is that I am a very positive and optimistic person & I’m a good listener. My worst quality is that I can get a little grumpy when I am too busy & feeling stressed out. 

What do you like to do for fun?

     I love reading books, dancing, modelling, shopping, cooking, skiing and traveling. I also like to be creative and enjoy photography.

What makes you most uncomfortable?

     I am uncomfortable when I am too busy and I don’t feel like I have enough time to do everything I want.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

     If I were a fruit I would be a strawberry, because I am sweet and soft like a strawberry!

If you were to come back as an animal in your next life, what would you be and why?

     If I could come back as an animal in my next life I would be a little lovely bird because then I could fly anywhere I wanted to, because I love travelling.

What would you say to a young girl who has low self-esteem?

     My message is to be yourself and love yourself for who you are no matter what other people might say. Remember we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways!

Tomorrow is the end of the world. How would you spend it?

     I would spend the day with the people who are close to my heart. We would go for a walk in the forest, enjoy the nature and gaze at the animals and the sky. Then we would be sitting at the beach eating delicious food and gaze at the sunset over the ocean. In the evening we would build a fire and sit around it. We would be singing for a while and tell how much we care for and love each other. Then we would look at the stars all night trying to sight shooting stars. We would stay awake so that we could be skinny dipping while we gaze at the beautiful view; sunrise over the ocean.

What are the three things you would never do to the person you love?

     I would never force the person I love to do things that the person does not want to do and I would never hurt someone on purpose!

Would you ever pose nude for Playboy magazine? Why or why not?

     I would never pose nude for Playboy magazine because I do not want the whole world to see me naked. I love my body and I cherish it and don’t want to share it with everyone. It’s a very personal thing for me!

How are you preparing for the Miss World 2013 competition?

     I try to prepare myself mentally and physically. I practice for the Fast Tracks / Challenge Events, fx. I am preparing a dance for the Talent competition. I eat healthy, exercise, try to get enough sleep, practice catwalk, do photo shoots and much more.  I am so exited and I am super busy preparing for the big event!

Why do you want to become Miss World 2013?

     I want to become Miss World 2013 because it is a dream come true! It would give me so many opportunities in life! I would love to travel the world and represent the Miss World Organization while working for charity. I love to help and support other people and I want to make a difference in this world. Becoming Miss World would give me the opportunity to use my voice in a benefiting way! I love travelling, modeling and meeting new people & cultures. Denmark has never won Miss World and I would love to change that!

How do you see yourself five years from now?

     Five years from now I see myself as a loving, strong and mature woman who is very successful. I have managed to accomplish what I wanted and reached some of my goals and dreams. Five years from now I still have a lot of dreams to follow. One of them would be making women love themselves for whom they are; they have to know that they are unique and beautiful both on the inside and on the outside!


Singer/Musician - Rihanna

Actor – Channing Tatum

Actress– Leighton Meester

Color– Red

Fashion Designer - Yara Yosif

Perfume - Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs 

Flower - Lavender

Writer– J.K. Rowling

Book– Harry Potter 1-7

Movie– ”A Walk To Remember”

 Photo credits: Miss & Mister of Denmark Organization

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