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Road to Miss USA/Miss Teen USA 2014: New queens for Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas


New state titleholders were crowned this past weekend. They will all compete in their respective pageants - Miss USA 2014 and Miss Teen USA 2014.

Miss Alabama USA 2014 is Jesica Ahlberg, 24, of Mountain Brook.

Miss Alabama Teen USA 2014 is Sarah-Baskin Champion, 17, of Vestavia Hills.

Miss Arizona USA 2014 is Jordan Wessel, 21, from Tempe.

Miss Arizona Teen USA 2014 is Samantha Wix, 15, of Paradise Valley.

Miss Delaware USA 2014 is Kelsey Miller, 22, of Wilmington.

Miss Delaware Teen USA 2014 is Mia Jones.

Miss District of Columbia USA 2014 is Ciera Nicole Butts, 23.

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 2014 is Dominique Fink.

Miss Maine USA 2014 is Samantha Dahlborg, 19, of Gorham.

Miss Maine Teen USA 2014 is Danielle Hurtubise.

Left: Miss Minnesota USA 2014 is Haley O'Brien, 21, of Victoria. Right: Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2014 is Catherine Stanley of Bloomington.

Miss Oregon USA 2014 is Emma Pellett.

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2014 is Alexandra Perry.

Miss Texas Teen USA 2014 is Kellie Stewart, 17, of Dallas. 
(Miss Texas USA 2014 Lauren Guzman was crowned in early September)

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