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CB Loves Brittany Guidry, Miss Louisiana USA 2014!


How did you become interested in pageants?

I became interested in pageants when I was about 12 years old.  In 2008 my cousin Michelle Berthelot was crowned Miss Louisiana USA and I knew right then and there I wanted to be Miss Louisiana.  The next year I competed in the pageant and won Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2009 and here I am today your Miss Louisiana USA 2014.

Give three adjectives that your friends would describe you.

If I had to speak for my friends and list three adjectives about myself I’m pretty positive they would say natural, compassionate, and strong-willed.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When I won Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 2009 I had the opportunity to participate in the L.E.A.P. program. They taught me that positive self-talk was very important and it is something I do every time I look in the mirror. One of the seminars at L.E.A.P. taught me you have to make your goals reality.  For example, when I was competing for the title Miss Louisiana USA I would look in the mirror and say to myself, “I am Miss Louisiana USA 2014.” So to answer the question when I look in the mirror I see Miss USA 2014 ;)

How do you measure success?

I measure success by happiness.  I believe if I am truly happy then I am successful.

How do you handle criticism?

I’m a little tenderhearted so if it is coming from some one near and dear to me they may have to take it easy on me.  As far as criticism coming from the public or a coach I can take that with ease.  My parents always tell stories about how I would cry when they would fuss my brother just because I didn’t like when they raised their voices but sports toughened me up a bit and I was able to learn how to take criticism.

If you were to come back as an animal in the next life, what would you be and why?

I would come back as an eagle.  One they can fly which is something I have always wanted to be able to do. Two they can see for miles and are at the top of the food chain.  I’d be able to thrive soaring through the sky appreciating the beauty of world.

Name three pet peeves.

One pet peeve of mine is being punctual.  I do not like wasting other people’s time. I go by the motto: "If you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late; and if you're late, you're lost." Another pet peeve of mine is not having my calendar organized.  All of my days are off until I sit down and organize my calendar.  My third pet peeve would have to be a dirty bathroom as weird as that sounds, haha!  I don’t think somewhere you are supposed to clean yourself should ever be dirty!

What will you never do?

One of my biggest fears is snakes and spiders and I don't think I'll ever touch either one!  I’m pretty sure I would pass out if I ever did!!

Got any favorite reality shows?

I really don’t watch any reality T.V.  To be honest, I recently just moved back in with my parents but when I had my own house I didn’t even have cable.

True or False: People who are attractive tend to be more successful.

Sadly to say, I think this is true. However, I do not agree with this at all.  I think being attractive is more than skin deep and if you have enough determination it does not matter what you look like.

Do you have a problem saying "no"?

I do not have a problem saying no but I am not the person to be rude about it either.

Describe a romantic date.

A romantic date to me is a date where I can just hang out and get to know the other person. The first date my boyfriend took me on we walked around New Orleans and enjoyed art together. We always had something to talk about because we were getting to know each other and got to talk about the art in between which would lead into a story one of us could tell the other.  Therefore we never ran into that awkward first date silence, haha!

Your craziest or funniest tweet so far.

I thought this was a funny tweet that I posted just recently.  It was a photo that I did on a transformation Tuesday.  It included a picture of my mother and I and my father and myself when I was a toddler and pictures of us from this past Christmas.  Considering I did not have hair until I was five I thought I looked pretty funny in them!

Why do you want to be the next Miss USA?

I have wanted to be Miss USA since I first started keeping up with pageants when Rachel Smith was the reigning Miss USA.  I kept up with her and saw all that she did throughout her year and wanted to have the same experience.  If there is one thing I learned from winning Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2009, it was that as a titleholder I put a lot of work into representing Louisiana throughout my reign but I received so much more in return. It is very humbling working with different organizations throughout the year and meeting so many wonderful people along the way. This is the reason I came back to compete at Miss Louisiana USA 2014 and made my next goal to be the next Miss USA.





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