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Critical Beautywill be 10 years old in October 2014, and to celebrate this milestone, CB will be publishing a coffee table bookfeaturing images from the pageant industry, and we would like you to be part of this enterprise by being a contributor. If you think you have a photo or photos that deserve to be recognized and grace the CB coffee table book, we invite you to submit them to be considered for publication.

Desired images

We welcome the following types of images:

- Photos of past pageant contestants (i.e. glamshots, swimsuit, evening gown, casual, winning reaction) who have competed in any of the following international pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Tourism Queen International, Manhunt International, Mister World, Mister International and/or minor international pageants that have at least 50 countries participating; Miss USA, Miss America, and national pageants who select winners to compete in the international pageants mentioned; and alternative pageants (transgender, gay, plus size, ethnic, and for married women)

- Candid and fun shots of pageant contestants (these are the most eye-catching!)

- Vintage photos

*** The photos must have never been published before.

Unwanted images

We will not accept images containing:

- Children pageant contestants

- Gratuitous nudity, violence or obscenity which may be offensive to some readers

*** We will not accept photos that have been published elsewhere before.


1. Do not submit images taken by someone else. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any digital image submitted. By your submission, you acknowledge that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo.

2. By your submission, you are giving Critical Beauty permission to use the image on its website and anywhere else where the book may be promoted.

3. Images must be clear and focused, have no date stamps/watermarks on them, have no borders, and must be in High Resolution. Images from cell phones are not usable due to their small size. 

4. Send your images as JPEG or TIFF files. Do not place them in a Word document or make a PDF.

5. Do not send printed digital photos. They do not have the quality necessary for reproduction in the magazine.

6. If you have a whole bunch of photos that you’d like to submit for publication, send them via a ZIP folder.

7. If your photo is published, it will automatically become the intellectual property of Critical Beauty

Required Photo Information/Release Forms/Photo Subject Restrictions 

Before we can consider your photo(s) for possible publication, we will need the following information from you:

1. Your name and contact details. If you’re a pro (or aspiring pro) and have a web address and/or email address that you’d like to include in the photo credit, please supply those as well.

2. Your permission to publish the photo(s) in the Critical Beauty book or website

3. Confirmation that you have obtained explicit permission from all identifiable people in the photo(s) to be identified and for their image(s) to be reproduced, without any fee or other form of compensation.

4. For groups under eight, the name(s) of the people in the photo if they’d like to be identified.

5. Any additional information about the photo that you’d like to add.

***If you agree to the above guidelines/regulations for submission, please submit your photo/s to criticalbeautybook@gmail.comwith the following information:

Your full name:

Your e-mail address:

Where and when was the photo taken:

Enter a 1-2 line caption describing the image (include all details necessary to explain the circumstances or any other aspects of the photos not obvious from the images themselves): 

***Allow us 4-6 weeks to evaluate your submission/s and we will let you know if they have been accepted for publication or not.


Posted: February 2, 2014

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