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CB Loves Brittney Palmer, Miss South Dakota USA 2014!


How did you get involved in pageants? 

Since a very young age, I’ve  always dreamed of  competing at the Miss USA pageant. Growing up, I  imagined one day that would be me in that sequined evening gown walking on stage. I have learned and improved from each pageant experience  I've had and was fortunate to capture the Miss South Dakota USA crown this year.

Name three adjectives that you don't want your friends to describe you. 

Three adjectives that I wouldn't want my friends to describe me are: messy, unorganized, and greedy. 

How would you promote South Dakota to a visitor?

I would tell them that South Dakota is a beautiful grassland state with four distinct seasons. Visitors can enjoy the majestic view of the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Wind Cave National Park and Deadwood. It is also the home of the Sioux Native American tribes.

What makes you happy? What makes you sad?

What truly makes me happy is being outdoors, horseback riding and tending my barn.
What makes me sad is people that discriminate against others based on race, sex,  gender or sexual orientation.

What do you think about Donald Trump possibly running for President in 2016?

I think its a great idea. He is a phenomenal businessman and with his innovative ideas can lead the country in a positive direction.

In what way could you be a role model for the youth of today? 

I’ve overcome many hardships and negative situations  in my life, but I’ve never let them become a hindrance to accomplishing my goals. I would like to inspire youth to aim high, fight hard, and reach for their dreams. Most importantly, never give up!

Do you think today’s women are more aggressive than they used to be?

I believe today’s women are leaders in many different specialties. I do not believe that they are aggressive, but more focused and determined to succeed.

What would you respond to critics who claim that pageants exploit women? 

I would tell critics that say that pageants exploit women that they are absolutely wrong. Pageants are a great forum for women to gain self-confidence, self-assuredness, and make inter-personal connections with individuals  from many different professional arenas.

How would you balance our country's freedom of the press versus the need to stop security leaks that threaten the country?

I think our government has every  right to protect its citizens. We live in a volatile world, and our safety is of utmost importance, so measures should be in place for our overall well-being and security.

How do we encourage people and get them excited about volunteerism? 

I like to make volunteerism fun. When I have volunteers come and help out with my charity-“Horses for the Handicapped”,  I always like to make it enjoyable, challenging, and exciting for them. I believe if  individuals that volunteer would see the significant impact they have in the lives of others, and how rewarding it feels to give back to their communities, they would be more inclined to volunteer.

In what way do you see yourself as being difficult to live with? 

I’m the pickiest eater. I’m quite particular and selective about the foods I  eat. After all, you are what you eat!


What is your opinion on cosmetic surgery? Would you consider submitting to it some day?

I believe if having plastic surgery to enhance your physical attributes and  will help you feel more confident as a person, I have no objections to it.  I'm not opposed to having plastic surgery in the near future.

If the person you were engaged to marry had an accident and became a paraplegic, would you go through with the marriage or back out of it? 

If the person I was engaged to had an accident and became paraplegic, I would definitely go through with the marriage.  If you truly love someone for who they spiritually and emotionally, then their physical state would not be of any consequence. Yes, it might be difficult at first, but true love can overcome any obstacles. 

If you were judging a pageant, what would be the most important quality that you would look for in the winner? 

If I were judging a pageant, I  would make sure that the winner was genuine, relatable, and had personal integrity. 

Why do you want to be the next Miss USA? 

I want to be the next Miss USA to be an advocate for children with disabilities, be it autism, or other social, mental, or physical handicaps. I also want to continue to promote and bring awareness to breast and ovarian cancer. Finally, I want to inspire, motivate, and encourage other young women to pursue their educational objectives and aspire to be successful. Lastly, I want to proudly represent the USA at the Miss Universe Pageant.



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