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Anonymous Author "Exposes" Miss World Contest


      An anonymous individual created a Facebook page called "Exposing Miss World Contest" that aims to expose the corruption that has been plaguing the world's most popular pageant  The author/creator of the page claims to have worked with the Miss World Organization for decades. This author also tagged Steve Douglas on the page to elicit a reaction from Douglas, who is the son of Julia Morley, the pageant CEO who took over the organization after its founder, her husband Eric Morley, passed away in 2000.

     The author makes several allegations: Steve Douglas is a felon and sexual predator, MWO sued an American pageant organizer for infringing on the word "World," the winner is predetermined, Venezuela and India will never win again, Mexico's current win is political, and that the MWO has been engaging in charity fraud.

     Below is the screenshot of the page, followed by the posting in its entirety.

Corruption at Miss World: EXPOSED
Dear Delegates and National Directors, this is how you were conned by the international Miss World organisation. It was an organisation I have worked with for over two decades. Things that you wouldn’t know or never even heard of would be exposed here. You will be shocked that you can’t even deny the facts. These are things would have never heard of. There are receipts of proof. It is with a good conscience I cannot keep quiet, There needs to be an investigation in Fraud at Miss World.
1. Son of Julia Morley
Okay, so let me start with the SON OF JULIA MORLEY, (Stephen Douglas Morley). You may wonder why he goes by Steve Douglas and not Stephen Morley. Well, in the 80’s he went to jail for fraud. Stealing money in a scam. He was involved in sex trafficking also in the 90’s. Eric Morley never liked him. In fact, he was the black sheep of the family. Eric Morley never liked fraud. He was an honest man but Eric too would have went down with the #MeeTOO movement. He had sexual relations with women to work for him. One of which is a writer of a very popular pageant book that I refused to name. But if you are a true pageant fan, you would know whom I am speaking about. It was only until Eric died, Steven Morley became involved in the pageant. Today, he is the event planner of Miss World since 2003. Eric Morley would be monitoring the ladies on the internet when they arrive and giving Gem (as we called her) updates on behaviour, beauty.
2. Why Alexandira Mills won over Emma Warreus?
It is no secret Emma won Miss World 2010 for Botswana. However, Alexandria Mills won before she entered Miss World. In fact, Stephen Morley aka Steve Douglas had selected her from Elite Model Management. At that time, Elite Models sent delegates to the Miss World competition. She was seen as the most beautiful girl on the profiles. But why did Alexandria won? Why did they choose Alexandria? Here is the reason, MWO sued Miss Teen World director, Gaspar Cruz for copyright infringement on the word ‘world’. He won in the first attempt but MWO appealed and Gaspar Cruz lost! This was in (2010-2011). Miss World wanted to show their presence in the US and using the word 'world' is a copyright infringement. They even made a teen Miss World website showcasing all the teen contestants of Miss World 2010 class. That is the reason why up to today, MWO favours Emma more than Alexandria. Emma was the chaperone, visited more countries and did more interviews than Alexandria as Alexandria didn’t speak well… The director of Miss United States pageant (not related to MWO) Chris Wilmer helped the MWO because he wasn't on good terms with Gaspar. Three (3) years later he became the director of Miss World in the United States.
3. Manipulations of Results
Working with the organisation, I have been exposed to the inside secrets. You guys wouldn’t know this but MWO is a pack. The winner is predetermined. Hence no matter who answers the question the best would only get a runner up spot if she is lucky. There are tabulators but what those tabulators and the audience don’t know is how the results are manipulated throughout. Here is how! Julia Morley and Steven Douglas goes into a private room with the team. Mike Dixon, Donna Walsh (she goes by the name Donna Derby) and Andrew Minarik. They decide the results from monitoring the contestants for a month and suitable business transactions countries. Then every year, they will sit on the judging panel (all smiling). The other judges on the panel don’t even know this takes place as they think the results will be fair. Ksneia Sukhinova and Zang Zilin knows much about this. This is the reason why Aishwarya Rai and Giselle Laronde didn’t judged in 2014. Only certain Miss World are always allowed to judge because they do know the process. Ask yourself, why are the same judges are on the judging panel every year?
4. Venezuela and India (Countries with the Most Miss World)
These countries will not be crowned as Miss World until Julia Morley is no longer the president. 2018 was the last year for India winning under Julia Morley directorship. It doesn’t matter how strong a delegate is. MWO has recognised they need to give other countries a chance. And that some countries have never been crowned Miss World. They are giving new countries that are seen business wise a chance. Sorry India and Venezuela. Miss India 2018 was intentionally left out of the TOP 25 of Beauty with a Purpose for this reason. France is one of the options to win MW in the future.
5. Mexico win was POLITICAL
Miss Mexico 2018, Vanessa Ponce De Leon victory was a political move. She knew she had won Miss World as she was told by the team. Everything was a plan and she was a part of it. Vanessa knew about the Multimedia challenge before anyone. Since July. Hence she started on Mobstar (an app used for the contest) prior every other contestants. She wasn’t the one operating her Mobstar account. There were several people back in her country posting for her. Nepal became a threat for Vanessa. They led the Multimedia competition. A competition Vanessa thought she had. France win in the Top Model fast track was also determined beforehand. They tried to saved her as there wasn’t any other preliminary contest she could have done well in. As I said, France is geared towards winning in the future. This is because of a potential host country of Miss World and before Miss World 1953 from France dies. It is her dream to see France wearing the converted royal blue crown. Stephen Douglas Morley on the day for the Head to Head challenge (round two) told the judges that T&T would get in through the judges choice hence for the three (3) Miss World judges to choose Vanessa. Vanessa upon an invitation with Steve, Eric, Mike and Donna choose the remaining 13 contestants. Possible threats for her such as Australia, Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago (Oxford University Lawyer) were left out. Those three (3) countries should never send delegates to Miss World again. Hence you have seen girls that cannot speak well got in. Also, countries that are good business wise. Delegates were intentionally kept out.
6. Millions for Charity FRAUD
Julia has an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands under her eldest son’s name Julien Morley with millions from charity. An investigation needs to be done for this. Please, please investigate. Money for sick children are being used for fraud. God don’t sleep!
I know it is a bit long but stay tuned for PART 2
Exposing Miss World official email and phone number (which isn't posted no way online) Email: missworld@missworld.com and phone contact +442078200111

    *** Critical Beauty has reached out to the author/creator of the page who advised CB that more details about the claims would be provided soon. Stay tuned!

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