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CB Loves Amanda Soltero, Miss Nebraska USA 2014!



How did you get involved in pageants?

My  mom is a former Mrs. Nebraska America and had always asked me to try a pageant. I was never sure of the idea until my senior year of high school when I went through a tough break up after three years of dating. I decided that I needed to do something out of my comfort zone to try and regain my confidence and try something new! I competed in Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2010 and won! The rest is history.

What makes Nebraska unique? 

The people! You'll never pass someone without a smile or a wave. We are very passionate people! 

If you could live in another country, which would it be and why?

Probably France! The shopping and culture is something I would love to experience! I've never been overseas and would LOVE to explore that area even if I couldn't live there. 

Name three adjectives that your friends would describe you.

I asked some of my friends and they said: hardworking, thoughtful, and friendly. I'll take those :) 

Do you believe in life after death? Why or why not?

I believe that if you accept Christ as your Savior and confess your sins to him, you will live a happy, beautiful and perfect life behind his pearly gates in Heaven! 


If a major titleholder such as Miss USA became pregnant during her reign, should she resign?

I think so. We sign a contract that states we do not have children. I also think a child is a huge responsibility and deserves all of your time and attention, which being Miss USA wouldn't allow. 

Do you think Hollywood celebrities are good or bad role models?

It depends on the celebrity! There are a lot that have done great things and continue to do great things in the community and for different charities. On the other hand, there are quite a few that have been really involved with drugs and alcohol, which causes them to make some really bad choices. That's definitely not a good role model! 

Name two people who inspire you.

1. My mom. She was in an airplane crash years ago where she broke her back, two ribs and her wrist. She had multiple, major surgeries to repair her back. Since then, she has competed at Mrs. America, ran a half marathon, had my little sister and now flies at least once a month for her job! She has always said, "it doesn't matter what happens to you, it's how you respond to it." That always inspires me to go for anything I set my mind to and that if I fall down, I should get back up and try again! 

2. A family friend, Sammy Nahorny. Sammy is only 6 years old, but he inspires me to stay strong in any situation. He's battling a pediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma, and has been through many surgeries and in and out of so many rounds of chemotherapy. He always sees the positive in his situation and thats something that inspires me most! 

What is the essence of a woman?

A lot of things! Nurturing, empowering, patient, strong, beautiful. I could go on and on! 


Describe your worst customer service experience and how did you deal with it.

I've been pretty lucky in terms of good customer service! Nothing horrible has ever happened that has scarred me for life. If I had to choose though, I'm sure it would just be a bad restaurant experience. I have so much respect for servers because I've been one before and know how hard and overwhelming it can be at times! 

Are you content with your looks? Why or why not?

I am! I think God made me just the way I was supposed to be made! 

What can be done to prevent young people from committing crime at an early age?

I really believe in the power of getting involved. That could be in sports, charities, activities, anything along those lines. When young people start to have so much time on their hands, it's easy for them to get into things they shouldn't and do bad things out of boredom. Teaching them right from wrong early and getting them involved in positive activities can make a huge difference!  


Do you feel that the news media like FOX News or CNN have been totally objective in their reporting of news and stories? 

I think they could probably do a better job at times, especially in politics. Depending on the news story, sometimes they do a great job being fair and keeping their opinion out of it! 

How would you explain the beauty of nature to a blind child?

That's tough! Maybe describe it in the way that nature makes you personally feel and in a way that means something to you. For example, a sunset makes me feel warm :) Nature is beautiful and that can mean so many different things to different people. 

Why do you want to be the next Miss USA?

I want to be the next Miss USA because I think the crown gives you credibility. I'm very passionate about cancer research, especially pediatric cancer, and I would love to be able to be an advocate and spread the word about how you can make a difference and help find a cure.  I want to empower people to get involved and make a difference in anything they are passionate about. I would love to be able to travel across the country and give my time to important causes and different charities that matter to others! Community service is huge to me and being Miss USA allows you to give back in so many ways! 



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