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CB Loves Emily Shah, Miss New Jersey USA 2014!



How does it feel being Miss New Jersey USA 2014?

It is an honor to represent such a strong state. For such a small state, New Jersey is packed with diversity and nothing is more humbling than being able to represent each and every citizen. 

How do you overcome your fears?

By taking them head on. I've learned that if I go on with my life, wishing that I would've done something in my past, then I am not really living to my fullest potential. 

What makes you laugh?

My little niece Ava. She is so clever. You really can't get much past her. 

How do you handle it when people don't believe in you?

I don't mind it at all. In fact, it motivates me even more to prove them wrong. 

Name three things that you would never do to a person you love.

I would never abandon them, I would never forget their birthday, and I would never allow them to be lazy. 

Tell us a little about your educational background.

I have a high school diploma and planned on attending college until I received a few job offers in my career. I have taken intensive courses in the arts with acting but I do plan on going back to college to finish a degree in "Public Relations in Media". 

If an extraterrestrial landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him?

I would take him to the best deli in NJ where President Obama visited a few years ago and then I would take him to the Jersey Shore & boardwalk and show him how strong we've come back after Hurricane Sandy. 

If you had to be another woman for one week, which of these women would you choose to be and why? Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, or Sarah Palin?

Kate Middleton! Besides us both being queens, she is closer to my age then the rest of them so I feel as though she would be more relatable.

How do you spend a typical Sunday afternoon?

Sleeping in! I'm so busy during the week being Miss New Jersey USA, going to auditions and go sees, traveling all the time for work, shooting different projects... So my ideal Sunday would be to sleep in and typically watch some football and eat some wings and pizza!

Why do you want to be the next Miss USA?

I understand that Miss USA is a job and one that I am ready for. As Miss NJ USA, I have had an appearance almost every day, yet I have managed to maintain my career in the entertainment industry and maintain my family life. Growing up as a world traveler, I have experienced different cultures, throughout our nation and the globe, and I have met people from all different walks of life. It makes me humble yet relatable to understand different opinions and lifestyles. I have stood by New Jersey through the positive and negative and I would continue those ethics as Miss USA. I am a Sagittarius and we are known to have a perfect aim. I know that I am capable for the title of Miss USA and for me, this is my perfect aim. 




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